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Everybody is aware of the popular messaging app called WhatsApp. Whatsapp has gained more than 1 billion users since the date it has been released and tops the chart in the “best messaging app”. But many developers have tried to create a clone of this application by adding extra features. One of the popular clones of WhatsApp is “WhatsApp Plus” and YoWhatsapp. In this article, I will be describing what exactly this cloned app is and if it’s much more convenient than the original WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp Plus?

Whatsapp Plus is basically a modded version of WhatsApp with extra features and options.it is one of the best alternatives to traditional whatsapp.it is developed by senior XDA member Rafalete. It allows users to modify WhatsApp features and have access to more features.

The developer used the similar license and protocol like WhatsApp to develop the cloned version and made some changes to UI adding more functions and access to users.

WhatsApp Plus provides tweaks and tricks that a user cannot perform on the original version. It is made for users who like to customize their WhatsApp and also needs privacy features.

WhatsApp Plus Features:

Whatsapp plus provides many features different from and which are not included in the original version of the WhatsApp.

This features give an edge to WhatsApp plus over the original app and hence most people use it as they can customize their WhatsApp according to their preferences. Whatsapp plus features are listed below

  • Whatsapp plus enables its users to take control of WhatsApp UI
  • You can tamper with the color and size of fonts.
  • It has different themes. You can select from the collection of themes and make your WhatsApp look vibrant and fancy.
  • You can set a target audience for your status and show different status to different contacts.
  • You can copy your contacts status
  • Character limit for status is increased to 250 characters.
  • You can hide the read receipt which serves to be fighting agent for many couples.
  • You can hide your “last seen” And still be able to see everybody else s “last seen”.
  • You can zoom in profile pictures
  • You can hide your online status
  • You can recall messages, schedule messages and much more.
  • You can enable “always online mode” which shows you online forever.
  • You can also create group invite links from this mod.
  • You can Save, load and share themes with your friends.
  • A log to keep track of friends online activity with time.
  • You can set a password and protect your chats from your creepy friends.

WhatsApp Plus Privacy:

As WhatsApp plus is developed using the similar script as WhatsApp, it is secure but not as much as an original application. It provides various privacy features that the original version doesn’t provide. With the modded version, you can even keep your chats safe from being stalked. You can stay invisible from your contacts. It provides following privacy features.

  • You can set a password with inbuilt lock provided by whatsapp+
  • You can hide the read receipts and delivery receipts for your contacts as well as groups.
  • You can hide your online status and be invisible to your friends.
  • You can hide the typing status while you are typing a message.
  • You can hide the view status if you don’t want your friends to notice that you have seen their status.

WhatsApp Plus File Sharing:

File sharing feature is amazing in this modded version as users experience following features

  • You can send larger files with WhatsApp plus.
  • You can send multiple photos at a time, the limit can exceed more than 10.
  • Image quality is not compromised in the process and the exact pictures are received by the receiver
    Video size limit is exceeded to above 30 MB.
  • Whatsapp + can only be installed on your device after you uninstall the original version.this means you cannot keep both cloned and original version on the same device.follow the instructions below to install WhatsApp + without losing your data

How to Install

  • First of all, take the backup of your chats
  • Now uninstall original WhatsApp
  • Download WhatsApp plus Apk from its website
  • Install the Apk.
  • Open the app and verify your WhatsApp account using your phone number.
  • After the verification, you’ll be asked to restore your chat backup. Press yes and your chats will be recovered.
  • Now you re ready to use whatsapp+ and explore its features.

FAQ: –

Which one is more suitable of both?

It depends on your requirements. If are a creative person and is bored of the traditional WhatsApp. Whatsapp+ can really be great for you. But if you are just happy with the basic UI, stick to the original.

Is it illegal to use WhatsApp Plus?

It is a copy of the original version. It is not legal to use. Some users got banned for a day or more but with its new versions it is safe to use and you can install it on your phone.

Where to Download?

You can download it from many links. Just search it up on Google and download from one of the trusted sources. Be sure to download it from trusted website or blog otherwise you may become the victim of viruses.

Is WhatsApp Plus available for iOS?

No, as it is a modified software, it cant be installed on iPhone. As Apple doesn’t allow third [party apps to be installed and the modified app is not available on app store.

Just like every coin has two sides, whatsapp+ too has cons. It is less secure than the original version but provides amazing functions on the other hand. So if the security is not the main concern for you, you don’t need to give any second thought about installing whatsapp+. whatsapp+ has mind-blowing customization options and also file sharing facilities that allow users to send more data, more pictures, and larger videos. It also provides privacy hacks to make yourself invisible on WhatsApp. But at the cost of security. The weight-age of pros is way more than cons which makes it an amazing alternative.

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