How to transform Windows 7 into Android Look

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The Android skin pack was developed by Hamed, you can use this pack to imitate the Android, and it will transform your Window 7 home screen and Menu into an appearance that will look like the Android. You don’t need to download any more themes, because the Android skin pack comes with a number of them. This software will renovate your old Windows 7 default looking like the Android interface.


Download Android Skin Pack

The Android Skin Pack has two versions, the 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

You will definitely love the transformation, but you have to be aware that when you install this pack, it is difficult to uninstall, and when you eventually uninstall it, it will leave behind some relapsed alterations in the system restore point.

Before installing the Android Skin pack, make sure you have a backup of data and also remember to disable user account control (UAC).

To get started, just launch the Android Skin Pack.exe file, accept the conditions, uncheck necessary items or choose ‘quick installation’. The skin pack page will come up as your default home page automatically. You may uncheck this option during the custom installation and ‘next’ to continue.

The UXTheme Patch, DLL files and others (e.g. wallpaper, visual style etc.) will come up at the time of the transformation pack installation. You chose if you want these options to continue or you select all the packs e.g. screensavers, wallpapers etc. You may also expand the option and select as you like your custom, the click to install.

All necessary installations of the Android Skin Pack done after completion, you have to reboot your system to effect the changes.

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