Russian-Born Cybercriminal Sentenced To More Than Nine Years In Prison

A nearly decade-long member of several elite Russian-speaking cybercrime forums was sentenced today to 110 months in prison for running a sophisticated scheme to steal and traffic sensitive personal and financial information in the online criminal underground.

Alexander Tverdokhlebov, 29, of Los Angeles, pleaded guilty on March 31 to wire fraud.  Accordingly to court documents, the defendant, who emigrated from Russia in 2007 and subsequently …

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Why Iphone solar charger to be used?

Sunlight is the conventional source of energy so maximum use of it should be done in order to save our non-conventional sources of energy. Solar phone charger makes use of solar energy, which is renewable source of energy and in this sunlight is used to produce electricity, therefore solar phone charger can be used to charge your cell phone even when there is no electricity …

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Why your future job may not exist

RED Academy is a Vancouver-based digital media and tech school that’s helping its students do just that by offering cutting edge technologies as they emerge. By consistently updating its curriculums and researching new programs to launch, all courses not only prepare students for the current job market, but helps them prepare for ones that don’t yet exist. To do this, the school instills an innovative …

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